Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Bob Wareing MP to stand as independent - media links

“The party leadership (under Blair and Brown) have regarded me as a thorn in their side as I rebelled against their betrayal of the basic principles of the Labour Party.

“Anti-Labour policies, such as privatisation, tuition and top-up fees for students and the stock-transfer of council houses, with the threat that no repairs would be carried out if they remained under council control, forced tenants to concede to New Labour’s wishes.

“Worst of all has been the disaster of the invasion of Iraq, an illegal war in defiance of the United Nations.

“I was proud to march, with nearly two million others, against that policy.”

Bob Wareing MP

Media reports:

Rejected MP Bob Wareing vows to stand as an independent, Sep 17 2007, by David Bartlett, Liverpool Daily Post

Stephen Twigg ends career of another political stalwart, Sep 18 2007, by Nick Coligan, Liverpool Echo


The Exile said...

Good luck people. I've given you a link from my place.

Are you 'Pool based?

Harry Barnes said...

Yet Bob would have stood as Labour if he had been selected - as did for nearly quarter of a century previously. He is hardly a leader for your cause.